Corporate Events

Corporate events are a powerful way for companies to engage with their key stakeholders including key employees, partners, customers, prospective customers and more. They are a critical piece of a company’s growth strategy. Corporate event provides a unique opportunity for bringing people together, building relationships, learning new skills, and promoting certain factors of your company.

Bhati Tour & Events Jaisalmer will make sure and cater all your needs no matter whether it is,

  • Education, Trainig & Learning Events
  • Commercial Events
  • Appreciation Events & Incentive Trips
  • Social Events & Celebration
  • Company Celebration
  • Strategic & Planning Events

We assist all kind of event design, planning and managing anywhere in India.


Services we offerred

Our planning service delivers an inspiring and innovative conference or dealer meet experience to your delegates, with our close attention to details and our ability to work flexibly, we will create the perfect platform for you to communicate effectively with your audience. We pride ourselves on delivering an organized and structured event on time and within budget. What’s more, our knowledge and experience allow us to anticipate challenges and provide solutions to any problems that arise during the projects.

Seminars / Meetings

Corporate Seminars / Meetings is the core thing of any Company which occurs often. Every Company plans their Seminars or Meeting for their Employees or Prospect clients. We at Bhati Tour & Events Jaisalmer execute all kind of Corporate Seminars / Meetings. We understand your need of the meeting and provide all the required facilities starting from seminar halls to meals. We using our resources to make it quite smooth process so that companies can take care of agenda only, rest everything we take care of it.

Live Conference

A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It’s a theatrical event. A concert can come with multiple elements to coordinate and endless possibilities to plan ahead for. Connect with best Live Concert Event provider Company in Jodhpur. Organizing any concert is a colossal task. It takes weeks of planning, documentation, patience, and creativity. Grab your concert ideas from the best event management company in Jodhpur. We Bhati Tour & Events Jaisalmer are Jaisalmer Best Event Planner Company which is based in Jaisalmer and dedicate to promote your Event Online ( Live Concert ) or Upcoming Events.

Digital / Online Conference

Considering the increased competition to stay ahead in the market, it has become important to organize Digital & Online conference. The purpose of these corporate events may be diverse, but finding the venue is supreme concern. This is where the role of online conference organizers in Bhati Tour & Event Jaisalmer becomes prominent as they have to take care of organizing and execution part. Since the companies require assistance in organizing, planning and execution of seminars & conferences. We are a team of event managers and conference organizers that delivers extraordinary outcome.

Inaugurations / Launches

The Best Event Company of Jaisalmer Bhati Tour & Events is experienced in Inauguration and delivering unique product launch events that provide a dramatic impact and will leave a long-lasting impression on your clients. We understand that the success of a product launch event relies on the execution and delivery of the message being projected and with this in mind we are known for the best event organizer in Jaisalmer. We can coordinate everything from conception to completion and our creative excellence ensures that your product launch will be stylish, sleek and seamless, whether it is the launch of an exciting new product or the grand opening of a new store or office complex or mall.

Award Shows

Award shows have gained uptrend in a recent decade across all major industries, the art of celebrating achievements, accomplishments and motivate the right individual or group is a very old essence, we have practiced since ages. A perfect blend of image management, effective welfare, and talent appreciation can be easily achieved by clients through award shows. Being a professional celebration company we have expertise in delivering memorable and exceptional award show ceremonies. Since there are several types of award ceremonies each with a different approach, style, and objectives like internal, external, recognition or PR building. We have got it all covered for you.


We trust that incredible occasions are nothing less than a bit of craftsmanship wherein everything simply should be appropriate for making that occasion generally essential. From Pre-wedding couple shoot, wedding video & photography, setting choice, diversion, occasion arranging and the execution… the rundown is unending as is our help. You should simply stroll in with your thought and your prerequisites! And we guarantee to give your thoughts shape and fill it with splendid tints and recollections to be loved for a lifetime.

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